MR Hoodini: Boi Check your steam 22 hours ago
TayTay: What is this exactly? 21 hours ago
jackson - I just went 650 words over my physics assignment word limit, oops 16 hours ago
The G-Foяce Experience: Okay that's enough. 16 hours ago
jackson - How about a shoutbox purge 16 hours ago
The G-Foяce Experience: Well done to all the retards that earnt themselves bans on the website. 16 hours ago
jackson - Quick poll for the people of GGS: Physics or Chemistry? 16 hours ago
ShadowDMC: Chemistry. I prefer it easily. 16 hours ago
jackson - I think it's way cooler to be honest, people will say I want to be like Walter White 16 hours ago
ShadowDMC: Nah they're just filthy normies, that's their only experience with Chem. Chem is really good to learn and its basically a 'fuck around with chemicals' class (at least where I go to it is). 16 hours ago
jackson - It's cool 16 hours ago
Varius Benson #CGRP: Civilcontract is a mmorpg game that will be available on steam late 2018 for $49.99USD it is a ems cigs and police role playing game based in Australia for Australian role players Video trailer: 16 hours ago
jackson - OK 16 hours ago
Jeremy: Looks pretty lame tbh 16 hours ago
jackson - It's just a bunch of buildings and some meth heads running around 16 hours ago
jackson - SELL ME IT VARIUS! 15 hours ago
RampageKing11™: RIP Friendo 15 hours ago
Jaydon ⚛: Why is Jordan only showing as registered on the forums? Is this a bug? 15 hours ago
Preacher: He resigned. don't ask cause anyone who speaks of it gets a spank 15 hours ago
bxnes | RIPLilPeep | Mr. Money Pit.... 15 hours ago
Jaydon ⚛: Ok 15 hours ago
Your Boy Jordan: I've decided to take a break from GGS because of University and commitments IRL, but I'll be on every now and again for some shitty roleplay xx 14 hours ago
Jaydon ⚛: Fair enough 14 hours ago
MR Hoodini: RIP 14 hours ago
RampageKing11™: RECORDED,REPORTED,DEPORTED 11 hours ago
Heavy Bob: To the people who were banned in the shoutbox last night, you will all need to make appeals via the website. The words used were disgusting and I hope this has been communicated as unacceptable. 11 hours ago
Bambibot™: I killed the vigilent off so I have more time to play police. 7 hours ago
Treestan: b e g o n e DRUGGIES 7 hours ago
Bambibot™: Its really cold today. Like ice cold 7 hours ago
Treestan: tis like 30 degrayees 7 hours ago
MR Hoodini: lol 23 for me and a chance of rain woop woop 6 hours ago
JarJarGamer: So, whos the new manger? 4 hours ago
Bambibot™: ME.... JK 4 hours ago
Bambibot™: It's Joel I believe :D 4 hours ago
Bambibot™: Surround yourself with roses not thorns. 4 hours ago
MR Hoodini: Joel is the new manger and i wish him the best of luck 4 hours ago
Heavy Bob: Exiled status appeals have been disabled atm. I need to patch a bug with the site to prevent spammed appeals. Give me a few to fix. 3 hours ago
MR Hoodini: Take your time 3 hours ago
Heavy Bob: Exiled status bug has been resolved. Exiled users can now lodge appeals. 3 hours ago
RampageKing11™: Apparently Heavy bob does not support freedom of speech and memes 3 hours ago
RampageKing11™: What a meme 3 hours ago
Khanites: Yeah, I like new manager, he's chill :) also, he appreciates good memes / jokes 3 hours ago
RampageKing11™: Makes me feel like its the 1940's 3 hours ago
GrimZ: God yes Jordan isn't the manager 3 hours ago
Big Boy: Why was Friendo Exiled? 2 hours ago
ShadowDMC: Said some TOS-Violating shit, Heavy banned him. 2 hours ago
ShadowDMC: Organizations Trello has been updated. Visit here: 33 minutes ago
Bambibot™: My mother once told me "if you can't say anything nice don't say it at all." Food for thought guys. 32 minutes ago
ShadowDMC: But that's for pacifist scum. (I'm kidding, don't get out your pitchforks.) 31 minutes ago
Khanites: @ShadowDMC check general please 19 minutes ago

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