Godis: snow honestly bans so many people kinda abusive 3 days ago
killerducky: well i'll be back when the mass rdm vdm and cop baiting stops 3 days ago
blueforyou0202: Godis: snow honestly bans so many people kinda abusive 2 days ago
MOЯTY: blueforyou0202: Godis: snow honestly bans so many people kinda abusive 2 days ago
MOЯTY: MOЯTY: blueforyou0202: Godis: snow honestly bans so many people kinda abusive 2 days ago
MOЯTY: Heavy Bob: I should give sanjay superadmin 2 days ago
f0x: I got warned for being afk eating dinner by snow 2 days ago
MOЯTY: what job were you? 2 days ago
f0x: police but they changed it so you dont get money while afk 2 days ago
MOЯTY: going afk while cop is not allowed 2 days ago
jduarte (Logohhh): yes that is true 2 days ago
SNOWǤUM: Ok so, to all those people I banned... If you are caught combat logging it is an instant ban! If you would like to dispute your ban you can do so here "" but keep in mind administrators can view the logs and see when you combat log! In case you are unaware, combat logging is when you disconnect to benefit yourself etc. 2 days ago
RampageKing11: is it still combat log if you crash for example if it dosnt say disconnect by user it says something different like connection closed , timed out , etc 2 days ago
TOYE: what if i logged in dead and logged out 2 days ago
HamJesus | GGS.SX: Check the rules around combat log, you can log out while dead as long as you aren't being arrested or your car has been towed or chopped etc. 2 days ago
HamJesus | GGS.SX: If you timed out and your internet died etc, that is not combat log because that is something that you cannot control. 2 days ago
AussieLivesMatter: Ye like me xD I don’t know what it said when I kept crashing last night but I know for a fact it usaully does say “timed out” if you lag out crash or your wifi drops but it can be a real dog if it doesn’t say the right msg 2 days ago
TOYE: so why did snow ban me 2 days ago
HamJesus | GGS.SX: Please add me on stream to talk to me about it or jump on ts 2 days ago
HamJesus | GGS.SX: Steam* 2 days ago
killerducky: server crashed 90% sure cause massive fire 2 days ago
Gibbzy: its not crashing because of the fire, its most likely a ddos. 2 days ago
Heavy Bob: Heres a little lesson in trickery, 2 days ago
killerducky: nice 2 days ago
purple spastic: Server crash was my falt i was cooking and it exploded and englofed the mall in flames i tryed to get a addmi when it became a problem but there was no addmins on. My regardes rickks 2 days ago
CyberMystique: Heavy if you get a chance can you come on ts? Need to talk about something 2 days ago
Heavy Bob: Happy to have helped ya cyber, 2 days ago
⌻DavidTr⌻llz: i need a admin to open teh police garage door it dont open 1 day ago
Heavy Bob: get into your police car, press the spray key (g) while looking at the door. 1 day ago
HamJesus | GGS.SX: It can also be (t) depending on what settings you have 1 day ago
Heavy Bob: Some news, Take Two Interactive are going after Santos Official for trademark stuff. Looks serious. 20 hours ago
AussieLivesMatter: lol 20 hours ago
RampageKing11: i just posted that on there forums 19 hours ago
AussieLivesMatter: feck em there idiots:D their server is dying anyways 19 hours ago
Heavy Bob: Seems really rude of Take Two Interactive to go after a garry's mod server which barely gets 16 players at peak. 19 hours ago
RampageKing11: they want 40k in a go fund me 19 hours ago
Heavy Bob: I think the gofundme is a bit bs. 19 hours ago
RampageKing11: They have a significant profit legal fees would probs cost not more then 10 thousand dollars though 19 hours ago
Heavy Bob: how about, I'm not paying for this 19 hours ago
TOYE: why is my game crashing 18 hours ago
Vawriss: told you bob we should have abandoned the Santos name. 18 hours ago
jduarte (Logohhh): Toye the sevr was being ddos 17 hours ago
Heavy Bob: Ya know we're doing something right when we're getting dosed. Must be because our server is awesome or something. 13 hours ago
xXR4geBoyXx: Hehe true dat or just salty people who got banned. 13 hours ago
Playon_Words: People who get banned should suck it up and stick out the ban. DDOSing people isn't going to benefit anyone it just means their Jealous or salty 11 hours ago
xXR4geBoyXx: Yeh 11 hours ago
Playon_Words: Bobs right, we must be doing something right if people are that jealous of the servers success 11 hours ago
TOYE: when are we changing to the new map 2 hours ago
Heavy Bob: If I tell you, I'd have to kill you. 2 hours ago
MOЯTY: ill take my chances 57 minutes ago

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