ShadowDMC: Stop shittalking each other, war is over. Leave it. 2 days ago
Jaydon ⚛: At least when I was on* which was most of the war 2 days ago
bxnes | RIPLilPeep | Martinez are top dogs, Loofburrows are lmao. 2 days ago
Aviaito: ex Santos's join the loofs boys 2 days ago
Moonbot™: I think people need to learn to meditate an chill out. Also be jealous because I am having lasange fo breakfast. 2 days ago
MOЯTY | GGS.SX: I guess the abuse accusations were correct 2 days ago
The G-Foяce Experience: i had pizza for breakfast, top that 1 day ago
MOЯTY | GGS.SX: I'm about to go reheat some popcorn chicken 1 day ago
RampageKing11™: Eight meats pizza rekt 1 day ago
✪ Liam: martinez won the war against the bigges gang, they are now the leading gang imo. I dont see why not, the only time santos won was when we were outnumbered by quite a few members 1 day ago
[EN] Noxu: On my way down the coast 1 day ago
Side: g-force I had pig fat aka bacon so ye i topped that 1 day ago
Luna | GGS.SX: I had froot loops 1 day ago
Jeremy: anyone wanna come on and train me to be a moderator. 1 day ago
Side: msg an superadmin 1 day ago
Zen: yeah just get da... never mind... 1 day ago
Joяdan ☕: GGS has a new donation system, find it here: 1 day ago
MOЯTY | GGS.SX: Is that scamming? Sounds like terrorism. 1 day ago
Luna | GGS.SX: Perma 1 day ago
|GGS.SX|PR| JD (Logohhh) (Josh): not if his the manger 1 day ago
MOЯTY | GGS.SX: You never know 1 day ago
MOЯTY | GGS.SX: Bob could be a terrorist and we would never suspect it 1 day ago
Hamdog™®: Don’t mess with me and Jordan we will woop ur arse 1 day ago | AussieLivesMatter: Ham ya better do it good ;) 1 day ago
JarJarGamer: Morty, good thinking 1 day ago
motoxjoel: Come 1 day ago
motoxjoel: Come join the discord server 1 day ago
Zen: Dan and Lucas last night: 22 hours ago
ZERP []: Except the only people they hurt were themselves 22 hours ago
Heavy Bob: Heard what happened. We won't tolerate terrorism on our server. Glad the community has defended us on this latest attack. I don't condone retaliating to what they did however any efforts used to disrupt our service and anger will only reinforce our resolve to push more updates and features. Congratulations, you just made us stronger. 20 hours ago
Heavy Bob: 20 hours ago
RampageKing11™: i agree Heavy 20 hours ago
Luna | GGS.SX: Yea the boys 20 hours ago
Playon_Words: as gforce said The devs have spent 100's of hours improving the server and 3 fuckheads went and tried to fuck it up without a second thought, this shows that we should be thinking more carefully about who we let on the staff team. Isnt it funny how all the trusted staff members are the ones that always go and do this shit 19 hours ago
RampageKing11™: Playon Dan played on the server for over 1000 hours and earnt his rank 2. im not defending what he did but most people who do this get bored of their current situation 19 hours ago
Soapmactuna: So what actually happened? 19 hours ago
Side: dan was a naughty little boy is what happened 19 hours ago
Soapmactuna: I'm really out of the loop here and so are other people. Hopefully a thread comes up addressing the whole situation. 19 hours ago
Side: I doubt it will since he probably wants some attention from this, brief explination is dan and I believe (not sure) another person went around terrorising the trellos, that's all i know. 19 hours ago
Joяdan ☕: For those who aren't aware, last night, one current Enforcer and one ex-Super Admin attempted to terrorize the server by archiving cards on the Police Force Trellos, as well as adding previous terrorists to such boards. We acted swiftly to this situation, and no permanent damage was done. 18 hours ago
bxnes | RIPLilPeep | Yes we did. 17 hours ago
Moonbot™: I think we should change the subject...... The more we talk about it the more negativity occurs. 10 hours ago
Hamdog™®: Yeah well its important that our playerbase are aware of the actions of terrorists and the actions they take to damage the systems we use to manage roleplay. 10 hours ago
RampageKing11™: HAM Do you even know de wae 9 hours ago
RampageKing11™: XD jk 9 hours ago
Moonbot™: I want to say this (>^·^><^·^<) hugs to all. Have a good day. 6 hours ago
[EN] Noxu: :D 4 hours ago
Carl Dizy: I want to say this (>^·^><^·^<) kill me. I have no life xD 3 hours ago
[EN] Noxu: GGS is my life 2 hours ago
Jeremy: Hey i am looking for mod training, anyone wanna hop on and train me please. 59 minutes ago

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