Rammit Inmah Ashol: I agree as well. Not all of us can edit photos so there should be some equality 4 days ago
Alpa: Have another comp lasting for 24 hours NO EDITED SCREENSHOTS and if u won the first one u cant go in the second one 4 days ago
motoxjoel: Boo hoo my screenshot didn't win so I'm gonna complain in the shoutbox to make Joel change his mind even though there wasn't anything against editing photos... 4 days ago
друг: The winners already got their prizes so idk what yall fighting for 4 days ago
Alpa: REEEEEE 4 days ago
✪ Liam: друг just shut up no one wants you here 4 days ago
✪ Liam: and alpa, i get your frustration about the edited screenshots, imo друг shouldnt have won, but it is what it is and it isnt going to change 4 days ago
Rammit Inmah Ashol: друг. In all honesty, I'm skeptical of his winnings but not too upset. The real problem is друг letting the win going to his head where he boast about it. 4 days ago
друг: steam update closed gmod automatically 3 days ago
AvgLtc: shut DRUUUUGU 3 days ago
друг: Just bribed a judge with 55k and won the case 3 days ago
AvgLtc: What a pathetic judge.. only 55k? 3 days ago
AutismoWizmo GGS.SX: Need police training, any sgt+ <3 3 days ago
AutismoWizmo GGS.SX: I just got 2nd In a solo showdown on fortnite and I think Im dying 3 days ago
JarJarGamer: Could you shut the fuck up about fortnite? 3 days ago
Side: Lorenzo @ 999 posts haha 3 days ago
друг: Omg thanos is in fortnite ! 2 days ago
Dr. Jman: FORTNITE!? 2 days ago
AvgLtc: fort nite mor lik 2 days ago
Side: fort mc gay 2 days ago
✪ Liam: fortnut 2 days ago
AvgLtc: #hello #howareu846 #lovelyday #sunny #bright #niceweather #blessed #australian 2 days ago
Side: xdddddddddddddd 2 days ago
друг: guys a new cop is putting people at max sentence for evading and tried to search me for being at a drug dealer 2 days ago
друг: is auto matically searching and telling someone to hands up when theyre next to a drug spawn meta gaming ? 2 days ago
Alpa: is it a civ or a cop, it's a metagame if it's a cop it's not if it's a civ, if it's a cop, do you have a mask on 2 days ago
друг: Cop 2 days ago
друг: I had no masks on and he started to search my stuff and told me to comply for no reason 2 days ago
AvgLtc: Again, make an IA case instead of complaining here. It's more beneficial to all of us. 2 days ago
друг: Its breaking game rules ,not breaking police rules 2 days ago
» iDak «: Copton, Make an IA case 2 days ago
ShadowDMC: No, it is breaking police conduct. They are not allowed to search you without cause. That's not a server rule, it's a police conduct issue, so listen to these guys and make an IA complaint. 2 days ago
AvgLtc: Gg Lorenzo 1k posts 2 days ago
ShadowDMC: GG indeed. 2 days ago
JarJarGamer: Can I have a IA case? 2 days ago
Azza Ghee 'GGS.SX': Howdy! 2 days ago
Jason 'GGS.SX' South: No u 1 day ago
LT POG: hi 1 day ago
друг: There are some "admin on duty" vids on youtube on darkrp . Could we get some similar vids from ggs mods? 1 day ago
jackson: R.I.P all inactive organisations, organisations thread looking cleaner 1 day ago
Alpa: I thought the lower your callsign, the longer you have been cop, some guy who got trained 3 days ago is 370 and in 380 dafuq 1 day ago
jackson: OK 1 day ago
ShadowDMC: The callsigns are basically random, there's no order to them. 1 day ago
FingerLickin'Good GGS.SX: what a meme 1 day ago
HenryIsTheBombDotVAC'd: I would make a admin on duty video but it would be a bunch of speakers yelling at me to unfreeze them 21 hours ago
друг: most fun part of the is when mod is spectating someone doing some fishy stuff , trying to crash or abuse 12 hours ago
Side: I'd say the most fun part of being staff is catching people who tried not to get caught, Their reaction is halarious. 9 hours ago
The G-Foяce Experience: i also like long walks on the beach and hacking in a $10 game 5 hours ago

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