MLGDominator | GGS.Sx: for starters i dont even know who the El Forastero MC is. our name has Forastero for ages 1 day ago
Garlic Butter: Try opening console and typing "connect" 1 day ago
OhGaDi: is this server australian 1 day ago
Iddy - Don't Die kthx: Yes it is, the best Aussie gmod roleplay around 1 day ago
Larry Lasagne: as good as this server is i just can't play on it, getting randomly pulled over , hand cuffed , searched by like 3 cops then being taken to a cell and read my rights just before getting chucked in the car. ( the arresting officer drove away as well) then having all my stuff destoryed even after i said i was calling an admin because it was massive bullshit. if you guys want the server to be functional and fun you seriously gotta work on the police because every time ive been arrested non have followed proper precedur or rules. when your entire lively hood is destoryed and there no way to get i back because no screen shots its a real fuck up for players. 24 hours ago
Larry Lasagne: also it takes forever to figure shit out even with guides. overall i would give the server a 6/10 rn, some good players, lots to do ,hard to get into , server not too stable , griefing / rda/rdm has way too much effect on player progress 24 hours ago
Tearaxe: Are the donation benefits permanent? 24 hours ago
Larry Lasagne: see ya in a couple months 24 hours ago
Iddy - Don't Die kthx: Cya Larry 23 hours ago
Tearaxe: Are the donation benefits permanent? 23 hours ago
Gibbzy: Yes. 23 hours ago
RampageKing11: Yeah boi 22 hours ago
RampageKing11: Thanks edward for the free $ 20 hours ago
RampageKing11: jk 20 hours ago
G-Foяce: The reason the server is crashing is due to Source Engine errors in regards to some of the player models we are using. At the current time I can't simply disable them because of the how models are implemented. They'll need to be replaced or fixed up. Sorry for the inconvience, but you're gonna have to deal with it. 19 hours ago
Iddy - Don't Die kthx: Have you narrowed down the models? 17 hours ago
Iddy - Don't Die kthx: I aint no legendary modder, but I can sure have a crack. 17 hours ago
[GGS] Chris Cooper: PEOPLE NEED TO STOP CALLING STAFF FOR RP SITUATIONS INCLUDING GETTING ARRESTED, Regarding to getting your stuff destroyed the only possible way for that to happen if it is illegal items so thats why it was destroyed. Otherwise if you have a complaint about police, take it to the forums, not staff. 10 hours ago
Heavy Bob: I have every confidence that we are more than capable of solving our own technical woes. Given that so much progress in moving our gamemode forward to being more stable than our northern competition and darkrp counterparts, we are up for the challenge of solving this thing. 7 hours ago
TekCraftGaming: bob cant you bring this back to santos rp 7 hours ago
MLGDominator | GGS.Sx: im going to be gone for a long time because i put a hole in the wall and my dad disconnected my laptop from the internet. Ill only be on the forums during the week so good bye see ya guys later 7 hours ago
TekCraftGaming: lol 7 hours ago
Heavy Bob: I honestly don't think technical limitations are of official santos's concerns given that our build runs more efficiently than anything they are able to produce. 7 hours ago
ᙫᐨƑ𐐅rḉ𐐁🔫: lmao, santos is better than any DRP server after you get 30 hours 7 hours ago
Mr bang your mom: Hey Edward what does TRA stand for? 6 hours ago
TekCraftGaming: Its TRU probably 6 hours ago
Iddy - Don't Die kthx: This is the most stable and efficient version of Santos I've seen recently, even with the SlerpBones, the server aint lagging to shiet beside the script updates 5 hours ago
Cyn: Hey Guys! hey edward ;) 4 hours ago
Jordan: Just a reminder to ALL PLAYERS - there's no requirement to make a gang, except to follow the gang rules. So go ahead and make gangs! :) 4 hours ago
Cyn: The coopers rule the gang world mess with the coopers you get the boot! 4 hours ago
ᙫᐨƑ𐐅rḉ𐐁🔫: hey just wondering, do you need super admin to get your tags on the forum? 4 hours ago
Jordan: No. 3 hours ago
Heavy Bob: Heads up guys, GGS Content packs have been updated. Download Pack 5 to see our updated playermodels. 3 hours ago
Vraxi: Wew 3 hours ago
TheJordanSixFifty: Ok. :P 3 hours ago
Heavy Bob: btw, we also added more female models for the ladys out there 2 hours ago
FLZ Ginger: niceee heavy 2 hours ago
TheJordanSixFifty: Noice. :^) 2 hours ago
Talons: Anyone else unable to connect? I'm constantly getting "Bad Password" When I try 2 hours ago
G-Foяce: This is taking longer than expected 2 hours ago
FLZ Ginger: rip' 2 hours ago
TheJordanSixFifty: What's happening, everything being crap? :P 2 hours ago
killerducky: secret server stuff 2 hours ago
TheJordanSixFifty: Yeah. XD 2 hours ago
G-Foяce: Replacing player models with stuff that isn't broken 2 hours ago
killerducky: yay 2 hours ago
G-Foяce: Everyones player model has been reset. I've added $10,000 into everyones account. Server is up now 2 hours ago
G-Foяce: Head to the plastic surgeon in the Hospital to change your player model :) 2 hours ago
TekCraftGaming: nice garry g force 1 hour ago
Negro Faggot Jew: What if I don't want to? 1 hour ago

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