Andrew | GGS.SX | Moderator |: This only happens when i join ggs 2 days ago
MOЯTY | GGS.SX: does donuts near cops, warn for cop baiting 2 days ago
Gibbzy: Yes. 2 days ago
arctic_fox | GGS.SX: The whole period of time you were unbanned you were still minging, after being told to leave the TOU alone during training you were still messing about. 2 days ago
MOЯTY | GGS.SX: I wasn't minging but of course you know. First I was just watching the tou not interrupting and they got all salty about it and rdmed so I left and came back with a moderator and a couple other people and the moderator said about doing burnouts and donuts so I was joining him 2 days ago
MOЯTY | GGS.SX: Not gonna make a big deal out of this just think it's a bit stupid 2 days ago
RampageKing11: id you get banned morty ? 2 days ago
arctic_fox | GGS.SX: he got his 100th warn 2 days ago
FlicksAndFlocks: What a milestone morty good job mate 2 days ago
chip.exe: ... 2 days ago
AceSound | GGS.SX: herroooo 2 days ago
FlicksAndFlocks: Pretty selfish but i’m at school right now just browsing the website 2 days ago
Bill Nye The Spye: Mr. Stone: Oh 2 days ago
Bill Nye The Spye: Mr. Stone: i keep forgetting I'm American 2 days ago
GGS.SX Fat Cunt: Did the security orgs just get thrown out the window? 2 days ago
MLGDominator | 75 RGR: there aren't any gun license including security companies 2 days ago
GGS.SX Fat Cunt: aight 2 days ago
GGS.SX Fat Cunt: also, someone want to demote me back to connie, because im still an sgt 2 days ago | AussieLivesMatter: Big Shaq what’s your ign? 2 days ago
Frog Thot: is it possible to get 1 shot with the low tier pistol? 2 days ago
Joяdan ✔: From now on, people who are excessive cunts on the forums will receive in-game punishments. 2 days ago
MOЯTY | GGS.SX: Who is that directed at? 2 days ago
RampageKing11: Shouldnt they recieve a forums ban 2 days ago
arctic_fox | GGS.SX: Why? 2 days ago
Potato | GGS.SX: We should maybe make some forum rules. 2 days ago
Mr Baby Panda: are we aloud to bump posts 1 day ago
motoxjoel: Yes but it depends on what it is, like bumping a police application that is a week old (missed application) is suitable for a bump 1 day ago
APPLEJACK.aƦ: where is the police introduction handbook?? 1 day ago
blueforyou0202 | GGS.SX: Under Police Information 1 day ago
GGS.SX Fat Cunt: hey Heavy, can you set me back to constable please 15 hours ago
MLGDominator | 75 RGR: @Fat Cunt what is your ig-name 14 hours ago
MLGDominator | 75 RGR: Fat Cunt you aren’t a cop 13 hours ago
motoxjoel: Woah! No need to get abusive to people @MLGDominator! 13 hours ago
RampageKing11: Look at his name motox 13 hours ago | AussieLivesMatter: Lmao Joel 13 hours ago
FlicksAndFlocks: hilarious 13 hours ago
HamJesus | GGS.SX: You resigned Edwardo (Fat Cunt) therefore you gotta re-apply, to bad cos your blacklisted for a week for talking to a dev when you had ample awareness that devs did not want to be spoken to regarding cop shit, Have a nice life. - HamJesus 12 hours ago
cσυят GGS.SX: Make sure to spell correctly next time jesus 12 hours ago
motoxjoel: I know im just pulling the piss 12 hours ago
MOЯTY | GGS.SX: i need to be demoted back to not whitelisted cause i can still be cop 12 hours ago
motoxjoel: Are you in atm? 11 hours ago
MOЯTY | GGS.SX: No I am banned for a month. 11 hours ago
motoxjoel: Well 10 hours ago
HamJesus | GGS.SX: I already blacklisted you Morty 10 hours ago
MOЯTY | GGS.SX: oh ok cause i could go on there before i was banned 10 hours ago
Joяdan ✔: Gangs can no longer assist their allied gangs in gunfights or situations that involve hostile roleplay. They can only assist in terms of money, supplies and during situations such as gun/drug manufacturing, etc. They may come to the aid during wars with other gangs, however, current rules regarding declaring war still apply. 9 hours ago
Coolhippyman: Would a community manager or someone be able to go over the rules and try to clarify them a bit better, some of the rules are worded very badly making them hard to understand :) 8 hours ago
CreeperKingSM: Someone please help me, I try to join the server, then it is stuck in authenticating with steam. I wait for an hour or so, then it says "Disconnect: Timeout" 7 hours ago
Joяdan ✔: Coolhippyman, use the Rule Change Proposal Form ( 7 hours ago
Coolhippyman: Also i submitted an admin complaint and never received a reply on what happened, could anyone look into that for me? 5 hours ago

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