Gibbzy: Yes it is Lachlan Loofburrow and if you have a complaint about him report him to Jordan 3 days ago
HamJesus | GGS.SX: Yes report this to jordan 3 days ago | AussieLivesMatter: And try to provide as much evidence as possible 3 days ago
HamJesus | GGS.SX: You can send this to me Fox as u are friends with me on Steam if Jordan is offline as I can pass this to him, 3 days ago
[7thRM] Stubbs: Wow, another incident involing lachlan 3 days ago
CyberMystique | GGS.SX: what do you expect? This is Lachlan we are talking about. 3 days ago
Gibbzy: Haha 3 days ago
[7thRM] Stubbs: There has been so many incidents with him why is he not removed already? 3 days ago
Gibbzy: Because the server needs staff. 3 days ago
Playon_Words: Thanks guys I appreciate all the lying and shit talking happening here. I am more than happy to talk to Jordan about it but I'd like you guys to keep in mind that all the people shit talking me were removed from the staff team 3 days ago
Playon_Words: Also there is a a lot of misconceptions but I'm sure we can sort it ou 3 days ago
blueforyou0202 | GGS.SX: Yo yo yo, it's got nothing to do with people being removed from the staff team. And if that's the sort of attitude you're going to have towards the situation, it's just wanted mate. 3 days ago
MOЯTY | GGS.SX: I love getting home and reading the stories in the shoutbox. Bit of entertainment for my day. 3 days ago
killerducky: it's the best thing todo :D 3 days ago
Playon_Words: i have respect for most staff and ex staff members but joseph stubbs is not one 3 days ago
☫SAVAGE☫: cant we all just be friends ;) 3 days ago | AussieLivesMatter: ^ 3 days ago
killerducky: 3 days ago
killerducky: :D 3 days ago
☫SAVAGE☫: ;D 3 days ago
Fern | GGS.SX: rip server 3 days ago
Heavy Bob: We're aware, its being worked on atm. 3 days ago
Muffin: ok so cybermystique tells me to add him on steam but i think he blocked me so i cant aka i cant join the police force 3 days ago
Muffin: and where has the server gone?? 3 days ago
Potato | GGS.SX: It's gone down to antarctica 3 days ago
Muffin: bruh 3 days ago
G-Foяce: We are working on moving the garrysmod server over to linux to improve performance and stability. I've tried figuring out why the server won't reboot when it crashes. Lets see if it made a difference. 3 days ago
RicedMk4: Not trying to sound like a dick, But why wasn't it hosted off linux server originally?. 3 days ago
Heavy Bob: Clients should see noticeable performance improvement later today with some server side changes. Stay tuned. 3 days ago
Heavy Bob: Compelling roleplay... 2 days ago
CyberMystique | GGS.SX: I never got a request from you Muffin. Try sending one again and I will accept it 2 days ago
HamJesus | GGS.SX: Don’t panic Mick I got it 2 days ago
motoxjoel: optimisation... holy 2 days ago
killerducky: god dam it the one time someone says "help i'm not good at being an admin" my internet dies for almost 2hours 2 days ago
Peirce: rip 2 days ago
Peirce: Crashed again 2 days ago
Peirce: twice 2 days ago
blueforyou0202 | GGS.SX: thats about 12 times today 2 days ago
killerducky: and my internet died at the same time but it's back so yay 2 days ago
killerducky: Bob save us 2 days ago
GGS.SX | Jᴏяᴅᴀɴ ✔: There are some minor visual glitches in regards to the images with the new Police skins. I'm currently working on fixing these. 2 days ago
[GGS.SX] jduarte (Logohhh): i made it back 1 day ago
CyberMystique | GGS.SX: Is there something wrong with the TS? 1 day ago
Heavy Bob: what ya mean? 1 day ago
Crispin | GGS.SX: Yo is this new armour fully working? 10 hours ago
Heavy Bob: lol are people crafting that? the full body armor does nothing :D 9 hours ago
Crispin | GGS.SX: Wouldn't be surprised I mean I got 1 shot 4 times now ;c 9 hours ago
BEST GAMER104: hey CyberMystique can i possibly get an update on my senior constable app and what my chances are of getting the promotion? 7 hours ago
Crispin | GGS.SX: dude dont ask about that just wait 4 hours ago
suna: can something be done about the belforts disrespect towards other players, every fucking time i see them i always get called faggot, stupid, gay anything that counts as shit talking they will do even in admin sits they just pour out cunt and shit. 19 minutes ago

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