Mike Tyson: crashed atleast 5 times all the content is downloaded 22 hours ago
Napoleon Donovan: did it say engine failure or something when it crashed. 22 hours ago
Mike Tyson: no just went black screen and disapeared 22 hours ago
Napoleon Donovan: try verifying it 22 hours ago
bxnes | RIPLilPeep | Damn, me website is now https ;) 20 hours ago
bxnes | RIPLilPeep | 20 hours ago
Heavy Bob: Gmod server will be down for 10 mins, running windows updates. 18 hours ago
Panzerkampfwagen IV Tiger I: ok 18 hours ago
オットー鎌倉: Dam 17 hours ago
Heavy Bob: windows updates taking a min. server will be up in a sec 17 hours ago
Heavy Bob: server is up, bumped player count by 5 17 hours ago
Chuck: nice 16 hours ago
Matrix: I want to make my own Guide on Gun Crafting but there already is one existing. What do I do? I want to share my work \O_O/ (I don’t really like the current one either) 15 hours ago
Henry Helinski | GGS.SX: Matrix please do feel free to post yours. Mine is ugly and a just a old project I had when I was staff on the original Santos RP. 15 hours ago
Henry Helinski | GGS.SX: I lost interest in developing mine due to everyone bashing on it and saying they had better ones so I just lost my motivation to finish it 15 hours ago
Matrix: :D Alright, You’re was a Good concept though tbh. 15 hours ago
Henry Helinski | GGS.SX: Thank you. If you want help on yours or want mine or something just let me know. 15 hours ago
Matrix: Okay. Btw I think I met you on another server or someone else called Helsinki before when I played Santos. You don’t remember the name ”Richard Scareye” do you? 15 hours ago
Henry Helinski | GGS.SX: No sorry. To be honest there were so many Helinski's in Santos... 15 hours ago
MOЯTY: Sad 14 hours ago
MOЯTY: 14 hours ago
HenryIsTheBombDotVAC'd: Tf is Santos Henry? 13 hours ago
HenryIsTheBombDotVAC'd: Jk please no Santos ban 13 hours ago
» iDak «: Anyone else getting logged out? 12 hours ago
オットー鎌倉: seems dodgy 11 hours ago
Heavy Bob: We'll take a look at it today. Johnny had to do some updating yesterday to setup the test site. I've not experienced any issues today though. Will update soon. 9 hours ago
Dark unit: yo 8 hours ago
Heavy Bob: oh hi dark 7 hours ago
Chicken2Nite | GGS.SX: oh hi mark 7 hours ago
ENVYUSKennyS: can anyone tell me an effective way to get money, im new to this type of server! 6 hours ago
TheЯealVaughn: Drugs 6 hours ago
ShadowDMC: Sanitation worker is a good legal way, but you'll need 12 hours playtime before being able to play the job. Paramedic is also decent, but has a playtime requirement of 8(?) hours. 6 hours ago howareu846: hi guys im not ban yet but are we doing F.B.I 3 hours ago
Clarence: WTF!!! ive CUMMED 3 hours ago
GabeStoleMyMoney: ............................... 3 hours ago
Clarence: ITS IN MY MOUTH WTH!!! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? 3 hours ago
MOЯTY: No one cares clarence 3 hours ago
Clarence: shmoovin bloovin 3 hours ago howareu846: can admin RDM eveyone 3 hours ago
MOЯTY: Yes 2 hours ago howareu846: when 2 hours ago
MOЯTY: Whenever they want 2 hours ago
RampageKing11™: snow gum and his little power trip lmao 2 hours ago
John Snow Gum: What did u say about me! 2 hours ago
MOЯTY: Eww 2 hours ago
CoppaHead: Thank you Snow Gum you legend! <3 2 hours ago
Side: yes, admins can mass rdm and be ok because I mean obviously... they addminzsss!1111 2 hours ago
Mike Tyson: game crashed again 1 hour ago
Mike Tyson: verified game cache and still hasnt fixed any ideas?? 1 hour ago
The G-Foяce Experience: get a new computer 22 minutes ago

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