Treestan: Patience, child. 3 days ago
Heavy Bob: Archived 40 accepted admin apps to the trash compactor. Go diving to find out what they are. 3 days ago
bxnes | RIPLilPeep | Glad we spent some quality time together achieving stuff Bob <3 Remember you owe me lootboxes ;) 3 days ago
[GGS.SX] Joяdan ☕: Specified something re. propblock in the rules: If there is an elevator and a staircase, the player may block either one of their choosing. 3 days ago
ShadowDMC: The PD is accepting advice from the public. If you have any good, constructive criticism or thoughtful ideas shoot an email to: - Shitlords will be ignored. 3 days ago
Noxu: Good meme 3 days ago
bxnes | RIPLilPeep | Classic meme. 3 days ago
XxJUGGERNAUGHTxX: Can you accept me in the police force pls 3 days ago
Noxu: That will cause instant denial 3 days ago
ShadowDMC: Sure, I'll accept it. Can you give me the application link? 3 days ago
Napoleon (doggo): ^^^^ 3 days ago
|GGS.SX| JD (Logohhh) (Josh): Highway patrol should come back :) 3 days ago
Vaughn™: Thats probs not going to happen. 3 days ago
Panzerkampfwagen IV Tiger I: 3 days ago
☫SAVAGE☫: hah tank nerd 2 days ago
motoxjoel: apply for staff people ples thanks 2 days ago
☫SAVAGE☫: nein 2 days ago
Grillbot™: JA 2 days ago
Panzerkampfwagen IV Tiger I: I would but i want to RP and not take tickets all day 2 days ago
ShadowDMC: Note: The 'Failure to Follow Posted Signs/Lights' citation penalty has been doubled from $300 to $600. 2 days ago
Panzerkampfwagen IV Tiger I: noicee 2 days ago
Side: i love having extreme paranoia and insomnia, really keeps me up till 6 am giving my more anxiety than I need, I'm reading the trash compactor threads to get rid of my boredome xd 2 days ago
RampageKing11™: LOL side 2 days ago
Side: it's so bad that even when i do sleep in the morning I do a sweep of my house to make sure no one's 'watching me', sounds pretty stupid but if you where in my shoes you'd understand. 2 days ago
MOЯTY: Is it against the rules to hit a player's car with a melee weapon for no reason? 2 days ago
Oniqqz: What if they were a dick and left there car in the open. 2 days ago
MOЯTY: What if they were in their car? 2 days ago
[GGS.SX] Joяdan ☕: Yes, it is against the rules 2 days ago
MOЯTY: Well that Jeremy staff member said he doesn't think it's not allowed so he did nothing. 2 days ago
Flashdonkey110 (GGS.SX): Hello everyone hope everyone is having a great day ! 2 days ago
MOЯTY: Just made a staff complaint since he clearly doesn't know the rules 2 days ago
Grillbot™: speaking of staff. I wonder if more future moderators will apply 2 days ago
MOЯTY: If I ever want to find my steam id I just go into ban appeals and find one of mine almost straight up cause I have so many 2 days ago
tomas258 i might become moderator not sure 2 days ago
Big Boy: I was thinking of applying but i dont know 2 days ago
Grillbot™: just go for it 2 days ago
jackson | GGS.SX: What's the worst that can happen anyways. 2 days ago
tomas258 how many creates do i get for 15 dollars 2 days ago
jackson | GGS.SX: 1 day ago
Heavy Bob: Check the web notification above and take a gander at the new website. Johnny is working really hard and really wants feedback. 1 day ago
☫SAVAGE☫: 2 17 hours ago
Noxu: I lile it 16 hours ago
[GGS.SX] Joяdan ☕: Job skins are currently being redone to involve some minor fixes, general re-workings and even more! 14 hours ago
Noxu: Can we get a news van skin for the gmc van 14 hours ago
tomas258 heavy can we have the spend money for lootboxes thing again please 13 hours ago
Heavy Bob: lol 13 hours ago
tomas258 come on heavy you get more cash for the sever 13 hours ago
Noxu: Wait thats over 11 hours ago
Side: tomas I don't think he wants the server to have shit loads of micro transactions 11 hours ago
tomas258 ok 10 hours ago

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