: how has the website suddenly become so much quicker? its fkn crazy 3 days ago
Order66: ^^^ 3 days ago
🔰eshay: I realised it when I opened it on the steam browser which usually takes ages but it was like instant. 3 days ago
The G-Foяce Experience: All me. ya welcome 3 days ago
⛧Καnεκι⛧✔: the website wont load on my phone lol 3 days ago
ᴶᵉʳᵉᵐʸ: Does 4 me 3 days ago
⛧Καnεκι⛧✔: Nah its probs a me problem lol 3 days ago
Miney: Website doesn’t load on safari browser on IOS for me 3 days ago
The G-Foяce Experience: fixed. should work fine on safari now 3 days ago
TheAussieBongSmoker | GGS.SX: Any cops on that would do a ride along with me? need to do my 2 hours. 3 days ago
Miney: Thanks G 3 days ago
⛧Καnεκι⛧✔: yea cheers man 3 days ago
THOUXAN: all white #1 2 days ago
LingLing Sumbodeee: can the handling on the lambo centenario plz be fixed 2 days ago
kaden ✔: anyone need any help or jus wanna chill, keen to help with anything 2 days ago
BambiBot™: Oh 2 days ago
Dr. Jman: Yeah i need help with my homework, help a nigga out? 2 days ago
Peirson Donovan: ye sure 2 days ago
Peirson Donovan: btw siege is 60% off and its free for the weekend, 2 days ago
☭Hentai King☭ | GGS.SX | SellOut: Players are unable to join the server and are stuck on loading can heavy or gforce fix? 2 days ago
The G-Foяce Experience: restarted 2 days ago
: how does one make a complaint about an admin? 2 days ago
ᴶᵉʳᵉᵐʸ: 2 days ago
Veggo: How does one find out there time playing a certain job, such as a cop? 2 days ago
Veggo: And, how does one set off a car bomb? 2 days ago
Peirson Donovan: if someone plants a bomb in ur car, then you or someone else gets in your car 2 days ago
Peirson Donovan: it automatically explodes when it moves 2 days ago
Ask.Me.If.I.Am.An.Alien: I thought it was based on speed? 2 days ago
ZERP []: ALL THOSE REQUIRING NELAC POLICE TRAINING - Training will be held today at 6:30PM AEST. Meet at the Police Department in New Exton if you require training. 2 days ago
The G-Foяce Experience: car bomb is based on ENTERING the vehicle not driving it. 2 days ago
Dr. Jman: Car bomb actually is based on gender and is set to explode if anything enters the vehicle without a penis 2 days ago
⛧Καnεκι⛧✔: lol 1 day ago
⛧Καnεκι⛧✔: i guess im all g then XDDDDDDD 1 day ago
Zilla Kami: <23:49:07> You were banned for 10 seconds from the server by "Ian" (Do not poke me with such disgrace.) 1 day ago
⛧Καnεκι⛧✔: XD 1 day ago
⛧Καnεκι⛧✔: 1 day ago
YungBooty: Grace Period guys 1 day ago
Joel: Taaaaaake ooooooooon meeeeeeee 22 hours ago
Heavy Bob: *whispers* take on me 22 hours ago
God's Plan | I'll be gone 21 hours ago
Don Cheadle: In a day or two 19 hours ago
AvgLtc: What is so hard about reading the rules and acknowledging that you are wrong without bringing up your hornable rank in a ban appeal yikes. 19 hours ago
LingLing Sumbodeee: i want to run fast 18 hours ago
LingLing Sumbodeee: im willing to paysum moaney 18 hours ago
Dr. Jman: Y I K E S 17 hours ago
: daddy gforce the server crashed 16 hours ago
Kermit: avg sell me ur fish i need them eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 10 hours ago
Zero Two | GSS.SX: What property has a big space and is cheap? 5 hours ago
☭Hentai King☭ | GGS.SX | SellOut: SirAquius remember me I was Jayy Valhalla the guy who was forced to join the Gordaemerts a few hours before that war 2 hours ago

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