dad broke the rules [BTR]: so what are the donator rewards? 10 days ago
G-Foяce: Server is coming back up. Seems to have ran out of memory 10 days ago
killerducky: i'll be on tomorrow had to bitch slap telsta to fix my internet 10 days ago
Heavy Bob: waiting on got 10 days ago
Hello I'm Jordan: yeah, got..ta find a better series 10 days ago
Heavy Bob: Starts at 12 I think 9 days ago
Hello I'm Jordan: I could never get into GoT to be honest. I watched the first episode and the theory of it just didn't stick with me 9 days ago
Heavy Bob: ooooooo got starts in 3 mins 9 days ago
Hildey: Jordan why did you ban me for combat logging again? Wrong steamid for the second time?! 9 days ago
Heavy Bob: I looked at your log, looks like jordan banned you for legit combat logging. Write an appeal in complaints. 9 days ago
Hildey: Okay 9 days ago
purple spastic: done this is probly the finshed vershion 9 days ago
dad broke the rules [BTR]: Heavy Bob, May I receive my rank after donating please. 9 days ago
Smooth: Hello all, sorry about all of the documents getting destroyed. I have now restored them and everything is back to normal. From now on, if you would like access to these documents you must ask herc or bob to contact me and let me know the email. 9 days ago
Smooth: Criminal Code:, Handbook:, Uniforms:, Vehicles: 9 days ago
Smooth: Sorry about all this mess, but I do not even know if you guys still use these. If you do there you go. 9 days ago
motoxjoel: Smooth I miss you you beautiful specimen 8 days ago
JustLoyld (GGS.SX Member): We Have A Fail RP at The Checkpoin as well as a 10:23 and 10:22 and Driver Without License 8 days ago
Smooth: Miss you too bb <3 8 days ago
SirAquius: Smoothy <3 Oh how i have missed you bae 8 days ago
GingeR: we need to fix admin commands for mods and also 8 days ago
[GGS] Chris Cooper: What commands? 7 days ago
GingeR: like weld if everyone else can't say I got vdmed as and admin I would do !revive ^ and it doesn't work for me aha 7 days ago
MLGDominator: because it is !spawn ^ 7 days ago
Pickle Rick: I stole a car and when i had it the person left so what do i do? 7 days ago
[GGS] Chris Cooper: Call a Staff member 7 days ago
Heavy Bob: You got his name pickle? We got logs for that sort of thing :D 6 days ago
Josh Dun: I miss yall 6 days ago
MLGDominator: ih 6 days ago
MLGDominator: hi* 6 days ago
Dominic Howard: Josh Dun, get back from your holiday already 6 days ago
HamtanaHam: Yeah Josh ur too inactive 6 days ago
TekCraftGaming: Hey guys who can give me my donater rank as the first one i just donated 6 days ago
Heavy Bob: Only I can verify transactions via public pay. I've applied the transaction :D 6 days ago
SirAquius: Get on steam tom clay 5 days ago
[GGS] Chris Cooper: No you get on steam 5 days ago
MLGDominator: i wont be on for the next week sadly because my fucking laptop has committed suicide and I now need to reinstall everything from scratch including Windows 10 5 days ago
Heavy Bob: Where my bees at? 5 days ago
Gibbzy: Do you like jazz? 5 days ago
Cow: HI There! 5 days ago
TekCraftGaming: Gday 5 days ago
donkeymcswagman: Hello lads 4 days ago
[GGS] Chris Cooper: ITS 4 AM WHAT AM I DOING? 4 days ago
MLGDominator: 2 days ago
Hello I'm Jordan: An EoI is out for PD's Organised Crime Division! Apply asap! 2 days ago
Vraxi: Okkkk ;) 2 days ago
Heavy Bob: teams working hard today, people better be happy when its done or else 2 days ago
MLGDominator: i wont be happy because i cant play because of my autistic laptop 1 day ago
Heavy Bob: Check the changelog, everyone should be happy. 14 hours ago
Pickle Rick: yay 4 hours ago

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