Donations - Important Notification

Due to the closure of the main GGS Paypal account, we will no longer be processing donations though paypal.

Instead, donations will now exclusely be accepted via Streamline-Servers Public Pay or directly though Bitcoin.

If you wish to donate via Streamline, please note that donations will not be automatically recorded until processed manually by Heavy Bob. After completing a donation via public pay, please PM Heavy on teamspeak with the name and transaction number used on the transaction to have tags applyed to your account.

Streamline Public Pay (Donate Here)

If you wish to donate though Bitcoin, our automatic system is still being worked on however, all Bitcoin transactions will yeild a limited edition vehicle ingame.

Bitcoin Address: 16MKxYBvU7jGbGpYFTMkVztrV3Vnu2unqC

Never purchased bitcoin before? We recommend: Coinbase