Privacy Policy

These terms are subject to change without notice at anytime.
Last updated 22/10/2017. (DD/MM/YYYY)

This site uses the Steam's Web API and OpenID service for user ease and security in that sensitive information such as usernames and passwords are never stored on GGS. It is also used for querying publically available steam information contained within the profile of a steam account such as the steamid, name and avatars. For more information visit:

Transactions conducted via Paypal to GGS.SX are automatically recorded using the Paypal IPN. GGS.SX only retains transaction ids and amounts recorded against accounts (being SteamIDs), All other information is separately stored offsite for security reasons.

GGS.SX communicates closely with other gaming communities, product distributors, server hosting providers and individual developers in sharing non personal information regarding malicious user activity on our services. We may also receive information from our trusted associates and exile offending users who have been flagged for committing fraud, scamming or piracy. This is done for the protection of our services against hostile actors who may attempt to maliciously harm our services.

GGS.SX will not sell your information to third-party advertisers, ad networks or shady gents.

GGS.SX logs all IP Addresses of visitors to our site and game servers. GGS.SX will never give away this information to anyone.