Re: Community Changelog 8/10/2019

8 months ago
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September 2017
RP Name
Crispin Citizen
Police Rank
Not Whitelisted
Total Playtime
14 days, 10 hours, 3 minutes and 37 seconds
Initiation compliance: 5 seconds
Hold up and mug: 30 minutes 60 if its the same player
Kidnap: 30 minutes 50 mins same person (hold them with no actions 15 minutes and hold them with actions 30 minutes but there needs to be action taken for at least 10 minutes)
Time that you have to wait after you are released: 20 seconds
Time you have to wait to steal an unlocked car: 10 seconds after unlocking
Store Robbery waiting time: 30 minutes
Raid: 20 minutes (50 minutes if its the same base)
Police hosted raid: 30 minutes
Gang wars raid: 25 Minutes
Gang war kidnap: 15 minutes