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Section 1: Personal Information

Name (Last/First):Jacky.Brood

Phone Number: 738-6327

Do you possess a valid Santos driver's license? [X] Yes [ ] No

How much time can you dedicate to the force?
- 12hours on weekends, and 3hours on weekdays

| Section 2: Criminal History

Have you been convicted of a crime? [X] Yes [] No
Crimes are Speeding and having a gun without a license.

Do you have any disabling medical condition which would potentially prevent you from performing in a reasonable manner in the line of duty? (RP medical conditions or lag) [X] Yes [] No
If yes, give details below: Internet make me lag alot but it goes down about 35mins or longer

| Section 3: Qualifications

Why do you want to join the Police Department? (min. 30 words)
I would like to join the police department mainly because this world is full of crime and hatred and killing and drugs, i will be willing to risk my life to save this wonderful town from all the hate and sins. Also i look sexy in a suit

Why do you believe you are more qualified than other applicants? (min. 20 words)
I have passion in what i do and i sure am darn good at it too. ill be good with hostage situations and im just a real good shooter/aimer.

What is your opinion on public safety? (min. 15 words)
Public safety is the most important thing for a community, it is what ensures our children with a secure future that won't be taken away from them. All people within our city have the right to be safe and that is why i am enlisting.

| Section 4: References

You may use up to three references. References are not required but will improve chances of acceptance.
Place your references below:

| Section 5: OOC Information

Geographical Location: QLD, Australia

Timezone: UTC +10:00 (Australian Eastern Time Zone)

Age: 13

Do you have a functional and clear sounding microphone: [X] Yes [ ] No
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+1 Good work on the App
+1 Have seen you on the server
+1 Not many crimes
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Accepted, see a sergeant+ for training.