Changelog 13/08/2017

4 months ago
Heavy Bob
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+ Added logs for tow truck impounding.
* All notices received will now appear in your client console.
* Death screen no longer goes completely black when dead.
* Applied a patch to the taser to resolve sanity issue which sometimes wouldn't resurrect players.
* Mail Truck yields have been increased to a better return.
* Fixed silent Weather error on server boot.
* Fixed EMS HUD time left & distance to display the correct information.
* Fixed Postal Service packages and depo locations
* Fixed Tahoe missing computer texture. Check workshop collection.
* Fixed missing model issue with Garbage Truck
* Being tased is now being logged into anti-combat log
* Auto fires has been re-enabled
* Speeding blur has been tweaked to trigger at faster speed
- Removed Street Stand
4 months ago
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* Towed people get a message about who towed their vehicle
* All notes are listed in console for "evidence"