Wirimu Joes Admin Application.

6 days ago
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RP Name
Wiremu Joe
Police Rank
Total Playtime
7 days, 17 hours, 34 minutes and 54 seconds
In-Game Name:
Wirimu Joe

Age [Min Age 15]:

[b]New Zealand

How much time can you dedicate to this position?:
About 4 hours a day, And a lot more on weekends

Do you have a functional microphone?:
Yes sir

Do you use Discord?: Yes sir

Are you familiar with ULX?
I can use it but I will need quite a lot of training

Do you fully understand our rules?:
Yes sir

Have you been banned from GGS.sx before?: No
If so, what for?: N/A

Have you either previously applied for staff or been staff on GGS.SX?: Nope
If so, what happened?: N/A

What is your Trello account? (https://trello.com):

Are you currently staff on any other Garry's Mod server?: No sir
If so, what game mode and server?: N/A

Do you have any previous experience as a staff member?: Yes sir
If so, what server(s) and what happened?: I was head mod on a star wars RP server until we ran out of funding and the server shut down. It was called OutBack Gaming.

Why should we choose you as a staff member rather than someone else? (Min. 150 words): I have played on GGS for a long time and I have seen everything. I'm sure I know the rules. Quite often tickets are left for 10-20 minutes before anyone responds. I have a different time zone so I can be on earlier than most staff members. Improving the experience of the player base by having a mod on to help them where there's only 16 17 people on. I have good people skills and I'm a natural leader. Said, my teacher. I would be honed to be on the team to help and make GGS.SX a better server. I'm not sure how to end this so I'm just going to say one thing. NZ is better than Australia. Here come the -1s I know this isn't 150 words but i don't know what else to write.

Any recommendations from other staff members?: Sadly not


Scenario 1.
You get a report that someone RDMâd another user, how would you handle the situation? What steps would take to rectify the situation?:
[b]Revive the Dead person. Ask them what happened and ask if they had a video. Once they're done I bring the person who RDMed. And ask them there side of the story. And if they did RDM warn them for RDM and give the person why died whatever they lost. If they didn't RDM. I would Return the suspect. Then tell the guy who died why it wasn't RDM. and return that person to death.
Scenario 2.
You see 2 players constantly metagaming, youâve warned them twice already and they are still doing it, what would you do in this situation?:
Tell them to stop. Spectate them and if they do it again warn and kick both of them for MetaGaming.

Scenario 3.
You see someone flinging props around and prop flying, how would you handle this?
Freese the player. Warn them for prop push or prop abuse. And if they do it again eather disable them for 10 minutes or kick them.

Oh No Oh God Here comes the hate
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Gunner Hoffman
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Probably should try to get some more playtime maybe
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Billy Pinknuts
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-1 no no no no no no
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Danny Green
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Application Denied

Reason: Poor Staff Response