Stop Ridiculing MEEEEEEEEE

26 days ago
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OMG!!! STAHPPPPPPP!!!! Whenever I'm Cop theres this one player (who shall not be named) acts like a meanie beanie and always says mean things omgomgomg. Legit Pisses me off like fine then you train me then you lil stinker. "Have some common sense" shuddup meanie head omgomg also how do magnets work?!?!

Ok in reality if a citizen is telling me what to do and what not to do as cop and be all snarky about it. Im straight up gonna call them a dickhead. You’re a citizen, Im a cop roleplay like a citizen and stop bossing me around you jar of dirt
22 days ago
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Lil cell said he maid a vow to RDM you and the vow was fulfilled