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In-Game Name: Jhen BlackJack

Age: 20

Country: Australia

How much time can you dedicate to this position?: Everyday for 1 to 3 hours

Do you have a functional microphone?: Yes

Do you use Discord ?: Yes

Are you familiar with ULX? Yes

Do you fully understand our rules?: Yes

Have you been banned from GGS.sx before?: Yes.....
If so, what for?: Prop Push

Have you either previously applied for staff or been staff on GGS.SX?: Yes
If so, what happened?: - Staff abuse but it wasnt bad

What is your Trello account? (https://trello.com): Jhen Yondu

Are you currently staff on any other Garry's Mod server?: No
If so, what gamemode and server?: -

Do you have any previous experience as a staff member?: Yes
If so, what server(s)?: - Aurum Networks im am a Admin

Why should we choose you as a staff member rather than someone else? (Min. 150 words): I feel if I was accepted as an Admin on GGS.SX I could help out a lot with admin tickets as I feel lately a lot of tickets are not being claimed and not being treated seriously. I do not have any experience being a staff member but I am eager and willing to learn, and feel that I could help a lot of players with their issues on this server. I have a positive and calm attitude, there is no need to get worked up, so I feel I would be the better candidate over others. I have been in and witnessed my fair share of admin sits and watched closely on how the other admins handle the situation, which to be honest sometimes I have seen some staff be biased to one side in some situations which is not acceptable in my opinion. The lack of staff on compared to the player count sometimes is not good. I am keen and eager to help out the GGS.SX community.

Any recommendations from other staff members?:
(Mod) Aaron Minnesota <3
(Mod) Gunner Shart <3

Scenario 1: You get a report that someone RDMâd another user, how would you handle the situation?: I would teleport to the player who had concerns and ask them what had been going on. Upon hearing their story and reviewing the logs I would bring the player in question and discuss with them what the issue was. If they agreed they had broken the rules, I would give them a warning for RDM, however, if they were in disagreement with myself or the player I would listen to their side of the story. If both sides were conflicting I would request for evidence to be presented and if that could not be provided I would call the sit off while paying close attention to both parties.

Scenario 2: You see 2 players constantly meta gaming, youâve warned them twice already and they are still doing it, what would you do in this situation?: I would get the two players which I had previously warned and, bring them to a rooftop. I would then inform them of what they are doing and that they have broken the rules previously and what the punishment would be. I would them lecture them about following the rules and the consequences of Meta gaming. I would then proceed to warn them once more
then I will direct them to the rules and tell them to read it. I Will direct them to section 3.2 Third Party Communication Applications before banning/warning them for the designated amount of time.

Scenario 3: You see someone flinging props around and prop flying, how would you handle this?: I would pick them up and freeze them with my phys gun and discuss with them that prop pushing/prop trolling is not allowed. I would then proceed to check their previous warns and depending on whether the person is a repeat offender or how serious the prop trolling was, I would issue them a warn or ban.