Lachy's comp claim

10 days ago
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Your in-game name: Lachy Barra

How much compensation? 36 methanol, 40 acetic acid and 25 phenylacetic acid

Why do you need compensation? because that was my last chance to make some money, I have tried multiple times to make money and I can't because of B.S reasons like this. What happened was I walked into Ponzi tower with all of my stuff to make meth and I got followed and raided legitimately they zip-tied me and proceeded to raid the base. However, after they said I could go and un sip-tied me my illegal items had disappeared from my inventory they said that they did not strip me.

Who is responsible? : Kermit

Evidence (Video, Pictures, Logs): check logs when they let me go video/pictures N.A

Time AND Date of incident: sometime between 8:30 and 9:30 on the 2/12/2019
10 days ago
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He was basing with me and related to my comp
8 days ago
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Compensation Pending.
6 days ago
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