Schmittie Cartman's Sergeant Application

8 months ago
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Schmittie Cartman's Sergeant App

In-Game Name:

Schmittie Cartman



Currently Rank(must be senior constable):

Senior Constable

Why do you deserve this rank? (min. 75 words):

believe that I deserve this rank because I have been in the NEPD for a while know, which has equipped me with a good knowledge of how we operate and work as an organisation. I have gained experience from all areas of the NEPD as I have worked in all divisions which has given me an idea on, leadership, working under pressure and people skills, just to name a few. I believe that I am now in a position where I am fit for supervision and I think that I have well enough proven my worth to the NEPD. The NEPD has also been like a family to me, I have made many great friends and I think that it has given me the ability to be able to hear others and what they want and try and help them as best as I can with their situation. I think that these are the qualities that a supervisor should display at all times, and I’m working damn hard to exercise
them as much as I can.

Current Playtime:

11 days, 23 hours, 34 minutes and 50 seconds



Recommendations from other officers:

[NE303] John Coight OIC of SCC (Superintendent)

[NE305] John Nova 2IC of SCC (Senior Sergeant)

[NE304] Dane Coight 2IC of TOU (Senior Sergeant)

[NE306] David Blues (Sergeant)

[NE308] Russ Johnson (Sergeant)
8 months ago
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Sergeant Promotion Request Pending

Dear Senior Constable Schmittie Cartman
Thank you for Applying for Sergeant. Your request is currently under review by high command and can take an unspecified amount of time so please be patient.

NB: Asking an officer to look at your Sergeant application or bumping your application will result in an instant denial and cool down period for a reapply
7 months ago
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Sergeant Promotion Request Approved

Congratulations!, Schmittie Cartman, You have proven that you are ready to have the chance to become a Sergeant. You will now need to be interviewed by a Superintendent+