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Donating Household Items & Food

Please be aware, charities like the Red Cross DO NOT have the capacity to be taking items/food you would like to donate.

Unfortunately there are no resources to distibute items directly into the crisis areas. For post-disaster item donations, Givit! helps facilitate the donation of many usable items you have that might be useful to families who need it.

If you are able to safely travel to and from any evacuation centres in your area (NSW / VIC / SA) here is a list of centers you can contact if you have clean, quality bedding or other essentials to bring to the center.

Donate Blood, Plasma and Breast Milk

Donate Blood and Plasma - Red Cross - Blood and Plasma are always important, moreso in a crisis.
Milk Bank - Red Cross - Breastfeeding Mothers can assist babies who need milk.
Mother's Milk Bank - Breastfeeding Mothers can assist babies who need milk.

Donate items for animal welfare

WIRES a list of items needed to help house native animals
Knit for WIRES information for knitters about how to help create joey pouches for orphaned animals
RSPCA - NSW / VIC / SA a list of state contacts to donate items for displaced domestic animals
Animal Welfare League - On the ground with mobile vet centres in crisis areas. Relies on donations.

Offer your home for emergency housing

AirBnB Open Homes - AirBnB has a function that allows you to offer temporary accodomodation to relief workers and evacuees.
FindABed - A place where people with a spare bed and people who need a place for themselves or their animals can connect.

Donate Food

FoodBank Provides food relief in the wake of natural disasters. Donations will go towards providing essential supplies to support emergency workers and affected communities as they recover.


Charity Search

ChangePath - ChangePath can help you find charities that matter to you, with ratings for their transparency.


WIRES - Help native animals survive and recover.
RSPCA - Animal Protection Society, domestic animal focus.


Australian Conservation Foundation - Australia's national environment organisation. Independent, non-partisan and funded by donations.
Australian Marine Conservation Society - An independent charity, staffed by a committed group of scientists, educators and passionate advocates.

Mental Health

Rural and Remote Mental Health - Delivering early intervention and prevention based mental health programs Australia-wide.
HeadSpace - For people who need help with mental health, physical health (including sexual health), alcohol and other drugs or work and study support.
Men's Shed - Bringing men together to facilitate positive lifestyle choices and health outcomes.
LifeLine - Providing all Australians experiencing a personal crisis with access to 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention services.

Individual Community Relief

Please contact me with any fundraisers you have started that you want to share, I know there are already a lot of GoFundsMe pages so I can't list them all, but if any are close to you let me know and I will add them.

Help Cobargo Rebuild - My home town of Cobargo was destroyed, I have set up a GoFundMe to provide funds for the Cobargo community to be distibuted the the local CWA.
Save Mogo - a fund to help Mogo, another beautiful heritage town destroyed in the last few days.

Greater Community Relief

Thread Together - Works with clothing retailers to provide clothes in various emergency situations.
BlazeAid - Helps to rebuild fences and other structures that have been damaged or destroyed.
Human Appeal - Working with the Australian Islamic Centre to provide emergency supplies to people in evacuation centres.

Major Community Relief

Red Cross Disaster Recovery - Providing psychological first aid, working at evacuation centres and helping people to get in touch with their loved ones.
Salvation Army Disaster Appeal - Providing meals to evacuees and frontline responders, and will continue to provide whatever support is needed.
St Vincent de Paul Society Bushfire Appeal - Helping those affected with food, clothing, furniture, other essentials, and funds to pay bills.
CWA Disaster Relief Fund - The Country Women's Association distributes funds and assistance to those in their community who need it most.
Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund - Relief fund for South Eastern VIC
RFS Donations - The Rural Fire Service is stretched beyond belief
VIC CFA - The VIC Fire service also desperately needs donations.
South Australia Disaster Relief - As the fires in SA get worse, the premier there has activated the disaster relief fund.


Support rural business

Buy From The Bush showcases many small, rural community businesses you can support through purchases.
One Day Closer to Rain Same as above, showcasing small business to support by buying locally made goods.

How to Fundraise

How To Raise Money for a Cause - Tips on how to launch a successful fundraiser.
Lots of Fundraising Ideas - Ideas for fundraising events


Due the dangerous nature of the fires, only trained emergency services volunteers are able to respond in disaster-effected areas.

Volunteering in your state

GoVolunteer can help you find places near you that need volunteers for all different situations out of immediate danger.

I've been unable to find any website that facilitates skilled workers volunteering their skills in disaster situations. If such a service exsists, please let me know.

If you can volunteer in fire-effected areas for the Rural Fire Service.

Please note you will not immediately be deployed into the field if you volunteer with the Rural Fire Service. There is a process for induction, background checks and training for all of the services. Although you probably can't help now, signing up means you can help your community in the future.

NSW RSF Volunteers
VIC CFA Volunteers
SA CFS Volunteers

By Bambi:

Also just to add for those who live near the fires or that want to keep an eye on the fire patterns these apps and websites are handy to keep an eye on.

Fire near me app:

And fire maps for all states
Fire Maps
Nothern Territory

Stay safe!
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this lowkey not that big of a problem anymore tho. no active fires in nsw rn.

only problem is people paying for stuff lost
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2020 best year starts of with fires,floods,nearly ww3 and now
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