Heavy.... Im not appealing for others

2 months ago
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Ingame name: Layla Teenmom
Who banned you?: Veggo
Reason: supplying a dox
Date banned: 3 months ago
Length Banned For: Perm

Why do you want it to be appealed?: Hello Staff, I was banned Last year, For Adding My friend to the call, Then we were playing games I added some more people to the discord and he started adding ggs.sx players to the group then he had got the picture via finch And had kept spamming the group chat I had then asked them to stop or you will be removed everyone was removed at the end as it's not acceptable I have been doxxed myself many times here at ggs.sx and I know what it feels like for that person to be doxxed, It is strongly not okay to dox on the internet these days you should not have to come onto to the internet and just get your pictured and your irl information spread around here it is not okay and should never ever happen to anyone, I'm sincerely sorry for adding people to the group i had no idea they were doxing and will not happen again ever. I'm looking forward to come back and continue to roleplay here at ggs.sx I am deearly sorry. Please consider this ban appeal
Evidence in your favor:
2 months ago
think twice
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when u make alts and then expect to me unbanned
2 months ago
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It's because you didn't put your correct in game name
2 months ago
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I don’t know why you keep appealing this when we keep denying it.

Appeal denied with a one week cool down before appealing again.