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3 years ago
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I have always thought there is something quite profound about this group. Truthfully many of us come from completely different backgrounds. We have members as young as 15, and as old as somewhere unspecificied in the 40s. We have different occupations, many of us partake in different activities when we aren't playing computer games. Most of us have never met face to face and if we ever did prior to being in this group, we probably wouldn't think much of eachother, and wouldn't be much more than strangers passing by on the street. The one thing that has brought us together is for one our enjoyment of this game, but more importantly the love of this group. Most of you cannot say you were there at the beginning. Indeed I count myself amoung that group, having missed the first 6 months of the regiment's life. This however has ceased to matter, as each one of you are veterans now, entrusted with the continuation of the regiment. We may have been gone for a while last year, but the truth is we have nearly 4 years of proud history. Hundreds of players beyond what we can reasonably count have passed through our ranks over the years. We have not been without our troublesome members, but broadly speaking there is one thing that we all share and aspire to. That is our values as a group underpinned by the quality of the character of our members.

At a time when regiments were mostly led by leaders who led without the consultation of their members, the 95th introduced the idea that if we all believe in the strength of our regiment, and if we all act with principles and maturity above all else, that we are all capable of having a say in appointments as well as the important matters affecting our group. At a time when promotions in most groups were handed out based on who had stuck around for the longest, we allowed opportunities for anyone who was capable of the role and willing to have a go, even if they were new and inexperienced. We were all capable of shelving the favouritism that comes with friendship in favour of the best man for the job, and for the most part, we were able to do so without the animosity that other groups might have experienced under the same circumstances. We can count ourselves amoung the few groups in the history of the community that has been able to delegate authority to a team of leaders, under the capable guidance of our leader, instead of relying upon them to furfil every important matter to do with the administration of the regiment. A mistake that most regiments make to their own detriment. The fact that Sharpe has gone overseas for months at a time in the past, only to return to find that everything had run smoothly with minimal incident in his absence, is evidence of the strength of our leadership team - something we can regard as the core pillar of our success as a regiment over the years.

So why is all this important you might ask, why do the events of 4 years ago matter now? The regiment is about to enter a new era in a new game, likely with many new members and as a result opportunities. In looking forward to our future we must reflect on the past. Our regiment has undergone numerous reforms over the years, but its core principles have remained intact, something we must safeguard again even when the new players outnumber the old. We venture boldly into this new game but we cannot forget who we are, and where we have come from.

In doing so I would like to thank all of you. You have stuck by this group, even as numbers hit record lows, and interest in the game reached its darkest depths. The fact that this group exists now is testament to your dedication and enthusiasm in the face of adversity since our reform in April. Holdfast releases on Friday the 22nd of September after which we intend to migrate from Warband pending the overal quality of the game and its suitability to the needs of our regiment. I look forward to continuing to fight alongside you all under the capable leadership of Sharpe as we enter this exciting new chapter in the history of this great regiment. To the 95th Regiment of Foot, the first on the field, and last off it.

Captain Lobelas