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Name: Rick Taylor

How much time can you dedicate to the Force per week?
10-24hrs per week across 3 to 5 days a week.

Phone Number (Ingame):

License ID number:

Do you have any previous experience in the NELAC? [ ] Yes | [X] No
If so, what was your previous name and rank?

Have you previously applied for a position in the NELAC? [ ] Yes | [X] No
If so, what was your previous name and when(if applicable)?

| Section 2: Qualifications and Questions (In Character)/

Why do you want to join the NELAC ? (min. 50 words)
My name is Rick Taylor and I aspire to join the NELAC because I have a strong sense of justice and wish to protect and serve the great and kind citizens of New Exton. As I walk the streets of New Exton I see crime committed daily and although the current police do an excellent job I can't help but feel they need more recruits and I will fulfill my duty to the people and bring criminals to justice.

Why do you believe you are more qualified than other applicants? (min. 50 words)
I would be a fine addition to the force with my dedication, teamwork and love for law and order, I am experienced in road rules and driving skills and have knowledge of the law. I have had many jobs while living in New Exton including trucking, post office delivering, city worker and many more and in these jobs I have encountered many different people from a variety of walks of life. I have also served in the secret service for mayor Boog. With this experience I know how to communicate well and work with others to achieve a goal.

Why do you believe you are more qualified than other applicants? (min. 40 words)
I am more qualified than other applicants as I have good communication skills and have a strong sense of justice. I am experienced in New Exton and have encountered many great citizens while working in a variety of jobs which gave me a variety of skills. My experience in secret service would also give me an advantage.

On a scale of 1-10, how do you rate the PD's performance?
Most police officers I have had the pleasure of meeting have been extremely kind and dedicated to their jobs and the defense of the people of New Exton, however the police department often feels under staffed with not enough officers to keep the peace. And while I am here I would like to personally thank an officer by the name of Cheesy Cheddar for his dedicated help he gave me in my short time as mayor. A clear example of the kind of officer that this great city needs more of.

| Section 3: References

Boog - Served under mayor Boog as his secret service
Stevey Satan - Served with in secret service for Mayor Boog

| Section 4: OOC Information

Trello Account Username: rowantaylor8
(TRELLO IS REQUIRED. If you do not currently have a Trello account, please make one here: http://trello.com/)

Timezone (in e.g AEDT format, not e.g GMT+10): AEST

Age: 21

Do you have a functional and clear sounding microphone? (REQUIRED.) [X] Yes | [ ] No

Are you in the GGS Discord? (THIS IS REQUIRED) [X] Yes | [ ] No

Do you suffer from any network issues that may cause you to lag? [ ] Yes | [X] No | [ ] Sometimes
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New Exton Police Application Denied

Thank you for applying, Rick Taylor. Unfortunately, your application has been denied and you will now have to wait 1 week to reapply.

- Used wrong template

If you are unsure of what to do next, read this document or speak with one of our supervisors.