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Organisation Rules


General Organisation Rules
- Organisation threads/websites must display a current up to date roster of their members which is up for public view
- Organisations can only have a maximum of 9 members which includes the 1 leader (Total of 10 members)
- Verified organisations can only have a maximum of 14 members and 1 leader (Total of 15 members).
- Organisations must have an allied and enemy list which is up for public view-
- Organisation names must not be offensive/derogative/previous organisation name (To use a previous gang name please add me on steam to discuss)
- Organisation members must have the same last name as each other
- An organisation must have ONE thread only
- Organisations must have a description of their uniform which is up for public view
Gang uniform must be a set of clothing, which includes hats and masks (If applicable) that is on their uniform on their thread/website that their members must wear.
Gang members that have their own hat (and their uniform has a set hat) then the said player does not benefit from gang initiation.
Gang uniform must be the same clothing (1 male and 1 female version) but may have variations of hats but must be kept similar in nature. It is up to an enforcer or higher to determine whether or not a gang uniform is close enough.
Gangs may wear any form of watches, glasses, body armour, backpacks and neck wear that isn't displayed on their thread/website.
Gangs can only have a max of 3 variations of clothing (eg One male and one female).
Gangs can have 3 variations of hats/masks
- Organisations should have a niche or a purpose. They should not be designed for pure PVP but rather have something that gives them a form of identity.
- Unverified orgs may have 1 ally.

- Cosmetics are approved in addition to an Organisation's normal uniform, excluding the use of any hats or masks.
- Organisations may have masks as part of their uniform, making them exempt from the concealing identity law. However, the use of masks must be sent through the Organisation Auditor, with final approval from the Manager. The Organisation Auditor or the Manager reserve the right to refuse the use of masks as part of an organisation's uniform for any reason they deem suitable, so long as they can justify why the request was denied.
- If masks are used, they must not be removed as this will mean the org member is out of uniform.

Sub Gangs
- Sub Gangs are NOT allowed

Organisation Server Rules
- By having an approved organisation you may have the benefit of having several rules to benefit your gang which includes but not limited to;
Gang Initiation
Gang Alliances
Gang Wars
- For more please see the server rules
If your organisation is shutdown you will have a 1-week cool down before you can remake another organisation. This does not count if you disband your organisation.

Strike System
- Strikes can be laid against an organisation if they gang breaches a gang rule and doesn't fix it when notified by a staff member in the time frame
- Strikes last for one week then are removed
- There is one strike which is a safety barrier and a second strike in the same time period will result in the gang being shut down