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13 days ago
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For a list of updated organisations whether verified or not please see here.

If you would like you organisation verified you will have to contact Sammy Claus Amityville#5332
Many benefits come with the verification of an organisation which are as follows but not limited to:

- Having an exclusive Discord channel on the GGS Discord for use with communications (To an extent)
- Verified organisations can only have a maximum of 14 members and 1 leader (Total of 15 members)
- Have more flexibility regarding gang wars
- Verified orgs may have 2 allies.

Requirements to be Verified
- Be in good standing with the community
- Have a leader in good standing with the community
- Not cause trouble in the server
- Have at least 5 members which are active
- Be 3 days active (Can be exceptions)
- Have a semi-decent looking website/thread
- Have a PNG logo for your organisation-