[GGS] Organisation War Rules

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War rules

- When declaring war it must be authorised by an enforcer or higher to keep the balance and prevent a gang(s) declaring war on a new player(s) in their gang for little to no reason other than to destroy a player's character
- When the approval is given the 24-hour grace period timer will start, no interferences are to be carried out between either side during this period AT ALL from either side of the war
- Gang wars are NOT an excuse to become a nuisance towards the players that aren't involved in the war
- Gang wars are a time where punishments may be increased
- A war may be ended at any time by the Manager+ or a Joint decision of the Enforcers
- The demands made by any organization have to be = to or below the owner of the organizations total wealth.
- An organisation has the option to pay the war demands or disband ending the war (the organisation can’t recreate if they do this).

When posting a war thread

- If it is denied the war will not happen
- All server rules still apply in gang wars
- A reason must be given when declaring war
- All gangs participating on each side must be listed when declaring war
- Only one thread per war for each side can be posted, each gang on each side cannot each make a thread about the same war

Changes to the rules in regards to Wars as per said in 7.81

Gang wars must be approved by an enforcer or above who is not apart of either side of the war.

Gang wars may be ended at any time by the manager.

Gang wars are declared over by a joint decision from the enforcers or the decision of the manager.

When gangs are at war they will NOT adversely affect the role play of others who are not in the war and provide a poor experience for others not in a war.
It is up to a staff member to deem if the actions of gangs in a war is adversely affecting regular players.

If a gang is raiding another gang they are at war with, they do not need to initiate on the gang that owns the building. It is up to the raiders to make sure the people they are raiding is a gang they are at war with. This rule negates the rule on how raiders must initiate on a house owner but the house owner does not need to
If the raiding party fails to ensure the owner(s) is a gang they are at war with, all of the raiding party will be charged with RDM/No initiation

When gangs are at war they must not go âÃÂÃÂwitch huntingâÃÂàfor the gangs they are at war with. This is classed as constantly going after the other gangs even after they respawn with the sole intent of ruining their experience.
It is up to a staff member to deem if the actions of gangs in a war against each other is adversely affecting their experience.

Gangs at war have a reduced raid time to 25 minutes from 50 minutes on the same gang they are at war with.
Meaning a gang must only have to wait 25 minutes before raiding the base of the same gang they are at war with instead of the usual 50 minutes

When gangs are at war, the rule stating how there must be 2 police online does not exist. When at war, gangs may take no more than 1 gang member who they are at war with hostage while there are less than 2 police online.
The officer is not obligated to deal with a ransom situation if there is only 1 officer online and 1 hostage and he/she will not be held for Fail RP.
Once there is 2 officers online the 2:1 ratio will start.

A gang may take a player who is a gang they are at war with every 15 minutes, this is downgraded from the 30 minute cooldown on non wars.