ill staff app yes

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PS: Apparently I can apply early soooooooooooo

In-Game Name: Ill Lacosa

Age [Min Age 15]: 15

Country: Australia

How much time can you dedicate to this position?: 15 hours a week

Do you have a functional microphone?: Yes

Do you use Discord?: Yes

Are you familiar with ULX? Very familiar

Do you fully understand our rules?:I have much knowledge of the rules.

Have you been banned from before?: Yes

If so, what for?:

Exploiting- 2 hours

Prop abuse- 6 hours

4 Actives (got unbanned like 20 mins later, as it was false)

Do you have any active warns?:No

If so, how many?:

Have you either previously applied for staff on GGS.SX?: Yes

If so, what happened?:

Denied for poor activity.

Accepted, got to superadmin, resigned due to knowing I would be inactive at the time

Got Reinstated as Mod, got to admin then resigned for personal reasons

Denied, poor staff response

What is your Trello account? ( papa1210

Are you currently staff on any other Garry's Mod server?: No

If so, what game mode and server?:

Do you have any previous experience as a staff member?: Yes

If so, what server(s) and what happened?:

Mod on a small server that has shutdown (with seven)

Many Minecraft servers (owned 1 with seven)

Superadmin GGS, for about 2 months.

Administrator on GGS

Why should we choose you as a staff member rather than someone else?

(Min. 150 words):

I believe I should be chosen over someone else as I have been staff on GGS

twice. Using this previous experience I am very familiar with the G-Force Experi-

ence, ULX and the rules. When I was staff I tried to be the least bias as I could

and showed the upmost respect to the people I talked to. Another reason I

should be chosen over someone else is because I know most rules if not all

of them. I believe I have stopped minging to better improve my experience

with the server and other people's experience. Using my previous experience

as a staff member I have very much experience dealing with different individuals

that may be hard or difficult to calm down. I believe I should be given another

chance as I have stopped minging and started to help out staff with rule breakers.

Hopefully my Staff Application will be taken into account, and yes I understand

I have been minging somewhat recently but I have stopped began to realise

how stupid it is. Thanks.

Any recommendations from other staff members?:

Johm Mexican

Sammy Claus

Russ Johnson

Mater Lacosa


Scenario 1.

You get a report that someone RDM'd another user, how would you

handle the situation? What steps would take to rectify the situation?

First of all I would claim the ticket and ask the user what has happened and if

they have any evidence. I would then !bring the supposed rdmer and ask for

they're side of the story. If they're was enough evidence provided, either through

logs and or video evidence. I would warn the rdmer. If they're wasn’t enough

evidence provided I would return the user back to death.

Scenario 2.

You see 2 players constantly metagaming, you've warned them twice already

and they are still doing it, what would you do in this situation?:

Tell them to stop, warn them and then give discord link if they are not in it

Scenario 3.

You see someone flinging props around and prop flying, how would you

handle this?:

Freeze the person, tell them to stop. I would then warn them
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+1 you have my perma ref idot
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+1 much lub xx
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+1 Was a good staff member before and he'll probably be better the second time.

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also add ref
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+1 idk does he now Haywood?
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Application Conditionally Accepted.

Please get in contact with an Enforcer+ for a interview and a SuperAdmin+ for subsequent training.

The staff member who trains you will alert you to your conditions.