The Pillagers vs The Iirhabiun's

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The Iirhabiun's, it has come to our attention that your "gang" have marked our streets with your putrid behaviour.

In response we conclude that we will be resisting against your anarchy and unless the terms below are not met then we will be forced to disband your organisation with stated terms.

If The Iirhabiun's would like for the war not to proceed then they must;

- Pay 2 million dollars up front to the leader of 'The Pillagers'

We understand that you may not take kindly to this and may decide to keep pushing our boundaries.

If you do not pay to have the war removed then the following terms must be followed upon our victory;

- Pay 3 million dollars, 50 M4's, 25 Shorty's

- The organisations leadership must be handed over to someone who will be specified after war

- All members of 'The Iirhabiun's' must take oath to respect members of 'The Pillagers' and their acquaintances.

We wish you the best, and may the odds be ever in your favour.


The Nova's

The Mexican Gang / RBT

Security Operations Unit

Stats: (Amount of fights won)

The Pillagers - 15

The Iirhabiun's - 2
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I killed all the Iirhabiun's and developed an addiction to cocaine leading to my death of overdose.

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War Over. Pillagers win.

Iirhabiun Have 48 Hours to pay at least 1 war demand

- An organisation that has lost a war must pay at least one war demand.