[GGS] Staff Complaint Form

1 month ago
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Please send your complaints in the form down below in regards to any staff.

Staff complaint form

All staff complaints in which are submitted should have descriptions of the situation and sufficient evidence.
Staff complaints that are not legitimate and are designed to shit talk and demote staff out of vendetta or revenge will be ignored.

You should only be making a staff complaint if you truly think they have over-stepped their bounds or abused their power.

You should not be un-necessarily be making a staff complaint as staff members are volunteering and taking their own time to help out with the staff side of the server, if you feel a staff member has done something to an extent at which you do not want to make a staff complaint, but you would like to make management aware, contact and Enforcer+.

Remember also;

8.15 Evidence
If a player is complaining about a staff member, evidence is required.