Ban Appeal - Lucas

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Copy and paste the application below:
In-game name: Lucas Milofsky
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:79190989
Who banned you?: Jordan Gordaememe
Reason: "Stop"
Date banned: 12/10
Length Banned For: 2h

Why do you want it to be appealed?: Because I was apparently flaming in OOC when all I said was "Complains about not having enough staff and then demotes most active staff member" "makes sense"
Evidence in your favour: Chat Logs. And also in Nigels ban appeal
Please be advised that if a legitimate reason isn't given, you're lying or you don't use the application template, your application will immediately be Denied.

The staff member who banned you has no right to deny your application but is able to accept it.
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Last week he changed my ban from 5 days to 7 because I said someone is ab it salty after saying he will ban me for 5 days for complaining about staff taking their time IN GAME TO ANOTHER PLAYER
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Ban in the topic already expired. Go create your own topic if you have a complaint rather than hijacking this one.