Criminal Code Update (12/2/2018)

1 year ago
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+Reckless Driving now has an aggravated offense that carries a jail sentence.
*Reckless Driving citation doubled to $600.
*Speeding citation doubled to $500.
*Increased 'Operation of a vehicle without a Valid license' citation to $500.
*Doubled Illegal Parking charge to $300.
*Doubled Failure to Yield citation to $300.
*Increased Possession of Miscellaneous Weapon sentence to 8 months.
*Clarified Possession of Miscellaneous Weapon charge.
*Changed Protesting rules.
+Added 'Unlawful Assembly'.
-Removed Aggrivated Store Robbery charge.
*Changed Store Robbery sentence.
1 year ago
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Cheers for taking my suggestion into the server (Aggravated Reckless Driving)