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4 months ago
Mr Boring
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Your in-game name: Bolb Gig
How much compensation? not sure it;s a car about 70k
Why do you need compensation?: Because i am gona chop it then it just gone and i was on the highway the car damged me.
Who is responsible?: I call the admin,Harold Loofburrow he give some proven inside logs
Evidence (Video, Pictures, Logs):[Sat 10/03/2018 06:33:40 PM] Bolb Gig [Civilian] [weapon_lockpick] [100h] lockpicked a Supra owned by Knulla Koe [Secret Service] [cw_g4p_glock17] [100h] [Sat 10/03/2018 06:34:33 PM] Knulla Koe [Secret Service] [cw_g4p_glock17] [100h] spawned a Chev Tahoe model: models/lonewolfie/chev_tahoe_police.mdl
Time AND Date of incident:Sat 10/03/2018 06:33:40 PM abbout it
3 months ago
The G-Foяce E
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Denied. There is already a check for distance when a player tries to spawn another vehicle. Car's can't be despawned when there's a player in it too.