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Yes, this thread that I have written, does and does not exist at the same time...

You may have heard of Schrödinger's cat right?, The paradox that basically says that every time a new set of options is given, a set amount of new time-lines are created from that option that is given, for example... You are walking to the nearby pub in your area, but you forgot the directions, you forgot to bring the phone so you have no directions, you get to a roundabout, there are 4 different directions to go... You can either go back, to the left, to the right or straight ahead. Of course you chose which option you thought was correct, (Lets go with right for the example) by making this decision, the other directions are split into different time-lines, each one contains all the different directions are now in those time-lines and your other time-lines. Now, remember that phone you forgot? Yea lets say you actually didn't forget to bring the phone, now that time-line is in charge, but by choosing to bring or not to bring the phone, you have split the time-line into 2, now back at the roundabout you still have those 4 directions to go, this means you now have 8 time-lines. Get it now?... Good.

So this thread is also a part of this ever splitting time-line, Theres a time-line where I did not write this thread (probably the best choice as you would not be wasting time reading this thread), and the time-line which we are in now were I have created this thread. Also you have now created two time-lines just as you are reading this, one where you choose to click off this thread and go do something else, and the time-line where you are still reading it, you'll probably even make another split in the time-line to make a comment or not.

Alright, so I hope you enjoyed reading this short philosophic thread on Time-lines.
(Now fuck off)

P.S, don't be a fuckhead.
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no u.
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