Trio vs Cosa Nostra Mafioso war-log day 6-11

10 months ago
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The war went cold

On day 6 there was one small, petty conflict.

On days 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, there have been no conflicts what so ever.

This is largely due to many of the Cosa Nostra Mafioso leaving to make their own organisations. This is largely due to their leader, Preacher, not participating in the war since day 1.

Me personally, I very much wanted to make a non-cancerous, invite only organisation with Jackson. I was the one member that the other's would follow without Preacher about, and I didn't want to lead the organisation. If I was going to lead an organisation, I'd want to be it's actual leader. Many Ferraro's left after that to join new organisations because nothing was happening without anybody else stepping up to lead.

Until Preacher returns, the Trio vs Cosa Nostra Mafioso war is officially cold.