Tonights Maintenance

6 months ago
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Hello Everyone,

Tonight we are performing maintenance to our services in that we are moving our website off our main box to another provider & re-installing windows onto our dedicated machine.

The reason for these changes is to ensure that our website and gameserver are not competing over the same hardware in order to function and to have redundancy control and flexibility in the deployment of the new website.

What these changes will mean is that our garry's mod server will be able to utilise more hardware than before and in theory work more efficiently for everyone who plays our server.

All our services will be affected by this migration however the website will be the first system to recover.

If you're going to be online tonight, use our community discord to chat as teamspeak along with our gmod service / website will be down for a few hours. We'll keep everyone updated via the steam group.
6 months ago
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Under 4 hours of downtime.

Everything is up and operational once again. Woo!