Community Changelog 12/5/18

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Big old rule update which was requested by the community


Removed a rule which is now a part of the gamemode
-You must only sell to other players and not yourself, as that can be classed as Job Abuse.

Removed a rule as it was null a few updates ago
- As staff have to approve the image before it’s posted, anyone not following these rules will be banned.



Mixed the rules upon blocking entrances
+Only the elevator can be blocked
Stairways cannot be blocked by props
The elevator may be blocked by props

+You cannot block an area in a way that is obstructed
An obstruction is classified as a route that needs crouching, jumping or a form of a “buggy” prop in the way.

Added some rules regarding names regarding names that arent allowed
Racist or derogatory in any form
Variations of racist, sexist, offensive or vulgar terms
Ie: Splitting your first and last name to form a racist term

Added spawn to the green zone list in the rules as people cant think straight...

Added a rule about Fear RP
+If you have a gun out and someone comes up directly behind you, then you must follow what they say.
The player you are holding up must see with their eyes you have a gun for them to continue with the roleplay, this can be achieved by walking in front of them or them turning around

Clarified some rules about NLR
+When a player has died and they have re-spawned, they must wait at least 5 minutes before (Assuming a new RP situation has started) they may return to the situation only if it is a new one.
This is ASSUMING a new Role Play situation has started, if it is the same you may NOT return

+You cannot use gang initiation to work around the NLR rulings.
This is classified as you dying and waiting for a new gang initiation on the same role play situation to rejoin. You cannot join the same role play situation at all.

+You cannot return to the same role play area in hopes of the opposing group initiating on you again to return to the same role play situation as before. Introducing yourself to the same role play situation will not be tolerated

This is clarification for being killed unconscious and being revived
+Regardless of head trauma or not though, the player may not rejoin in the current RP situation and must leave the area and not return (Unless a police officer, refer below)

Added a rule about NLR for police
+Police may return to the same role play situation after it has finished to help process/transport individuals
They must ensure that it is over and if it is not they may be punished with abusing NLR
If they are transporting suspects from a situation they were killed in and it finished (refer above) and a group initiates on them while they are transporting/in the PD then it is referred to as a new situation