Big Dedsec Exploit 2nd appeal

5 months ago
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In-game name: Big Dedsec
Who banned you?: Dont know
Reason: Fertiliser Exploit
Date banned: April 1st
Length Banned For: Perm

Why do you want it to be appealed?:
Why do you want it to be appealed?: i wanted to make a new ban appeal saying that what i have done is wrong and i know that and that my last ban appeal was worded badly, i used to really enjoy playing on this server as much as anyone else who visits regularly does and i really want to play again and i want to say I'm sorry to the entirety of the server and the admins again for not following the server rules and exploiting, it was wrong of me to do what i did and i should have told an admin as soon as i found out, it wasn't fair for us to make that money exploiting, when other players had to work hard to make anything. I'm not asking to be unbanned right now but i just want to ask if you could change my ban so its not permanent, i just really want to play on this server with my friends again.
Evidence in your favour: None
5 months ago
Heavy Bob
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Appeal Accepted.

Your account has been wiped.