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4 months ago
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That's right! After many requests, I've finally succumbed to the nagging of players for a video competition which many of you have been asking for! As always there will be 3 winners, each winning a cash prize as well as first and second receiving in-game items! This competition will run much longer than the others due to the nature of the competition but the prizes will be greatly increased!

To enter simply comment your entry in the comments below in video format and not just pasting the link! (Make sure the video appears and it isn't broken)

Some ideas could be a short compilation of shootings or a short story, whatever floats your boat.

You can only have ONE entry
You cannot plagiarise someone else's work
The video must be a minimum of 30 seconds but a max of 90 seconds (1 minute 30)
You may work together with other people to submit together
The comment must appear as a video

Prizes are as follows:

1st - 5 Million in-game dollars, the Roblox backpack and an exclusive hat of your creation (Within reason)

2nd - 2.5 Million in-game dollars, the fish katana backpack

3rd - 750k in-game dollars

The competition will end Friday 15th June at roughly 8pm NZT/6pm Aus East Coast
4 months ago
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GForce in his natural habitat

4 months ago
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New Exton Anime Opening