Changelog 13/06/2018

9 months ago
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(Some of these fixes are from previous days)

* Jumping into a car will default your weapon to keys.
* Fixed mayor vote wheel scrolls when you're about to confirm selection.
* Attempt fix at mayor vote breaking car dealer.
+ Anti-AFK for people who wait in the character selection (requires over 90 players + 15 minutes of afk before kick)
* Honorable donors are exempt from the Anti-AFK kicker.
+ Added confirmation dialog for when you're creating/leaving an organisation.
+ Roblox Noob clothing item?
* Fixed lockpick not working on cash registers (owner must'nt be close to the register!)
* Limited billboards to 2 for donors.
* Limited vault to 1 for non-vip (3 for vip).
* Fixed fuel pump in woogong not being auto removed.
+ Added chat censor if you try and put a gmail address in...
* No longer able to chop vehicles unless you're a civilian.
+ More cash logs.
* Another attempt fix at heavy bodies... seriously can't figure this out...
* Increased fuel consumption on vehicles.
* Fixed blogs timestamp issue for staff.
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Seems good dad
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- Roblox, OH NO
- and i think we should just put on -100 gravity so there will never be heavy bodies XD