Police Changelog 9/7/18

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In light of recent corruption cases and leaking of police documents, server management has decided to step into this to deal with the said problem. Corruption is still allowed if a reason is given such as sneaking a gun off of a body is still fine. This will still go through internal affairs without server logs but leaking of any confidential documents/data to a group or person outside of its intended area will result in server management stepping in and a will give a month blacklist for the said person from the department with no appeal as well as a minimum of a 3 day server ban (depending on severity). Leaking of confidential documents/data is not allowed at all and internal affairs can now no longer be corrupt and a big overhaul of the system has just been rolled out by myself and Ian.



+ Corrupt RP MUST be properly roleplayed and not without VERY good reason. You may also end up getting demoted or blacklisted from that job if evidence is found.
+Internal Affairs CANNOT be corrupt.
Internal affairs documents must not be leaked!
+ Players who leak confidential documents that the police department has deemed not for the outside eyes is not tolerated, for example, but not limited to:
Private Handbooks
IA Investigations
Confidential talking only for a certain group
+ All processes within the police department are given with the utmost trust and leaking confidential documents or data which is not supposed to be seen other than a certain group goes against the server rules. Breaking this rule will result in an instant one month blacklist from the PD with no appeal upon a server ban.
There is NO OOC with leaking documents/data



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Now all you need to do is make it so being apart of the Syns is KOS.
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Thank you. Has been needed
2 months ago
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Thanks very much.