Ban Appeal

13 days ago
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In-game name: N/A
Who banned you?: N/A
Reason: Banned in-game due to forums sync, but have never been provided with a reason for the forum ban, I can only assume
Date banned: N/A
Length Banned For: Permanent

Why do you want it to be appealed?:

I was banned roughly 7 months ago when a GGS staff member wiped the GGS discord. At the time I was a manager on the Dark RP server AUGN so I was left unbanned in the discord. After that events took place, a high rank asked me who I was and I said I was from AUGN, and I got banned. I wasn't a part of what happened, so I assume I was guilty by association (maybe?). I'm not sure why I was banned on the forums though, perhaps all AUGN staff were banned here? Not sure. I've spoken to motoxjoel on Discord many months ago about the situation, and he referred me to Heavy Bob to discuss it with, but I was never able to make contact with him. I love Santos RP and since I have never actually been able to play GGS due to the ban.
12 days ago
Heavy Bob
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Appeal accepted.

[24/08/17 - 12:31:03] zLammma [Blakee King - STEAM_0:1:32994023]: @mod help how do you play this trash server