jashie ban appeal

2 months ago
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In-game name: Jashie Lam

Who banned you?: Harold Brownings

Reason: Combat Logging

Date banned: 10/07/18

Length Banned For: 6 Hours

Why do you want it to be appealed?:

I admit that what I did was wrong and completely unjustified, and I've learnt a big lesson from the experience. Getting banned has made me realise the severity of my actions within the server and the impact that it has on me and other players. I've spent the last week playing on the server with some friends and it has become an amazing bit of fun and pasttime. A few hours ago, I was being chased by police and in the heat of the moment disconnected from the server in a last ditch effort to keep the valuable items that were in my possession. As soon as I did this, I realised the mistake I'd made and upon reconnecting saw that I had been banned.

I know that what I did was wrong, and I sincerely promise that it won't happen again. I feel deep remorse for my actions, and I'm here asking for the ban to be lifted.


Evidence in your favour: N/A
2 months ago
Heavy Bob
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Ban expired.