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General Forum Rules

Note these rules are expressed for all subforums unless expressed so in a separate rule thread in that specific forum by an authorised staff member/player

- Do not spam
- Do not exploit anything on the website
- Do not circumvent bans
- Do not post anything offensive or something that others may find offensive or derogative towards them
- Do not advertise your own server/social channel unless in the streaming section (to an extent)
- All posts must be posted in the relevant subforum or they will be removed
- Do not argue with another user in the comments section of a post if it has gone too far. At the discretion of staff, they will decide whether an argument has gone too far
- Do not "revive" a dead thread that has been inactive for a period of time without a proper reason
- Subforums are regarded as a hub for the relevant topic and each subforum has different guidelines either decided by the players or self-guidelines. All of these general rules apply in each subforum unless said so in that specific rule thread for that subforum.
- Do not go after a player in a thread section by personally attacking them
- Do not give out personal information of others unless with their explicit permission
- Listen to orders by staff members