Terms of Service

Donations Policy

Donations to GGS.SX are strictly contributions that contain no guarantees that YOU the contributor will actually get rewarded anything. All transactions are bound to the steam information you login with and the Paypal ID you use. Transactions cannot be altered after the final transaction. Donations cannot be returned, replaced, transferred, traded or substituted for any other product as donations are to us are a thank-you style of rewarding us for the good job we have done.

As long as GGS.SX is running, all donations will last forever and will carry over to all GGS.SX Official services we may choose to host and will never be lost.

GGS.SX respect the right to change add or remove incentives for contributors (donors) at any time.

Refunds Policy

By donating to GGS.SX, transactions are final. Donations made to GGS.SX are not protected by Paypal Buyer's Protection. By attempting to reverse or dispute a transaction, GGS.SX will automatically ban the associated steam account from our services until the claim is withdrawn by the offending account holder. If such cases are lodged and are closed by Paypal not as the result of the offending account holder reversing the dispute, GGS.SX reserves the right to refuse service to the offending account for maliciously attempting to defraud GGS.SX. For more information visit: https://www.paypal.com/ga/webapps/mpp/ua/useragreement-full

What is not ok to say on the forum?

Anything is acceptable to be posted to the forum provided that it is not: Unreasonable harassment against a user Graphic content that would not be suitable for minors. Promote or endorse suicide. Share personal circumstance or private information of unconsenting individuals. Releasing or sharing copyrighted works without author permission. Promote the use or sale of malicious hacking tools

Anything else is totally fine unless the published content is violating Australian law.

What is not ok to say in the shoutbox?

Normally the shoutbox is uncensored however anything which is unacceptable to say on the forum cannot be said in the shoutbox and will either be removed or edited to say either the opposite or something silly at the discretion of staff.

What is a banned user?

When a user is marked as banned on the GGS.SX website, it's because the steam user associated with the account has attempted or have conducted malicious activity against GGS.SX services. Malicious being fraud in the form of a false Paypal Chargeback against GGS.SX and its partners, scamming, account botting, evasion and unreasonable harassment towards GGS Staff. It does not include users who are banned for ingame rule breaking within GGS services.

How are bans assigned on the website?

Bans are either applied automatically via the Paypal IPN or manually assigned via a developer of GGS.SX. Bans may also be applied automatically or at the discretion of GGS on the behalf of friends, partners, organisations and individuals to which GGS.SX has a mutual trust in.

Can bans be appealed?

Paypal chargebacks, fraud, and scamming are unacceptable offenses which cannot be appealed. Ban evasion cannot be appealed. Botting and unreasonable harassment bans can however be appealed dependent on the severity of the offense, the remorse for committing the offense and owing to committing the offense.